What to Expect

We believe the education and childcare industry is centred around ‘people and relationships.’ Consequently, we focus on preserving and honouring these relationships with our learners, creating positive role models for children everywhere in the process.

“Every student can learn, just not in the same way.”

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Monthly assessments/tutorials – face to face, zoom, phone call. Followed by detailed feedback and guidance


Informative support resources


Link to student discount cards


Qualifications delivered to meet requirements of learners’ and employers’ individual needs and preferences


Contact between monthly visits available to support with ongoing targets– email, phone call, zoom


Monthly reviews with learner. Twice yearly reviews with employer


Flexible start dates throughout the year


Full risk assessments to ensure minimal disruption to learning


Progression to higher levels and other relevant courses


Recognition of prior learning identified

Intuitive Learning

Range of assessment methods to meet individual preferences and needs


A consistent and uncompromising commitment to doing what is right.

Why Choose The Aunties?

We pride ourselves on meeting learners’ individual needs. We wholeheartedly believe that no two learners are the same. We use a range of assessment methods to meet individual needs, and create a learning plan based on the individual.

We prioritise face-to-face communication whilst also offering virtual services when more flexibility and distance learning are needed.

We deliver high quality training whilst remaining flexible. We pride ourselves on adjusting the sequence of training to meet learners’, employers’ and settings’ needs

We maintain honesty and transparency as the foundations upon which our Training Centre is built. We wholeheartedly welcome feedback and ideas, being more concerned about “what is right,” not “who is right”.

We strive to build strong relationships with both the employer and the learner through regular contact.

We believe that helping learners to develop integrity, passion and knowledge is of equal importance to achieving the qualification itself.

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