Cookies Policy

Collection of Information

The Aunties Training Centre treats all data about you as one of its Learners, in the strictest confidence, including:

  • Your name, email, home and work address, telephone number, occupation, bank details, payment methods. We collect and use this information when you enrol as a learner with The Aunties Training Centre.
  • Your name, address, date of birth, personal details, individual needs, developmental and study records.  We collect and use this information when you register with The Aunties Training Centre, in order to safeguard, care for, assess, educate, and develop you as a professional.
  • As a Member of The Aunties Training Centre, information you enter when you update or amend your enrolment must be done via email or letter.
  • Information from other sources: We may supplement the information described above with information we obtain from other sources, such as Ofsted, healthcare professionals, educational professionals, CACHE etc.
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